Our positions at the June 13th, 2023 Historic Preservation Board

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MDPL’s Advocacy Committee has reviewed the following projects on the upcoming Historic Preservation Board agenda and offers our positions below. Please note: the lack of a position on a project does not indicate support for or opposition to that project. Have a comment about a project you would like to share with our committee? Contact us.

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  1. 1245 Michigan Avenue
  2. 239 1st Street
  3. Collins Canal

Please note: Other items on the agenda have requested a continuance or withdrawal.


HPB23-0564, 1245 Michigan Avenue

Current Site

Proposed Structure

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An application has been filed requesting a Certificate of Appropriateness for the introduction of a temporary daycare facility within Flamingo Park located along Michigan Avenue.

MDPL Position [Updated June 2023]: We support the staff recommendations regarding the updated design, which appears to incorporate feedback from the HPB members. To ensure that the structure’s time in the park is temporary, we suggest that beginning five years after occupancy and annually after that, the City return to the Historic Preservation Board to report on progress made to find a permanent home for the daycare center and the plan to restore the park location to green space.

MDPL Position [From April 13, 2023]: We lament the loss of the 6th Street Community Center, which the HP board approved for demolition previously. Understanding now that the day care needs a new home, and with seemingly no other available option, we support the design of the proposed structure which references historical Florida architecture – vs the trailers that we normally see for temporary structures. We hope this is only a temporary solution, and that the green space will be returned to the park once the day care finds a permanent home.


HPB23-0573, 239 1st Street

Current Site

Proposed Structure

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An application has been filed requesting variances from the minimum and average unit size requirements.

MDPL Position: We support the variances based on City of Miami Beach staff recommendations. We are intrigued by the newly adopted Resiliency Code that offers an exemption to the minimum average unit size and would allow the applicant to proceed without one of the variances. We look forward to learning more about this and to seeing the historic building renovated.


HPB22-0537, Collins Canal

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A presentation by the City of Miami Beach Planning Department to the Historic Preservation Board relative to the proposed historic designation of the Collins Canal located between Biscayne Bay and Lake Pancoast as an individual local historic structure.

MDPL Position: We support the city staff’s recommendation to designate the Collins Canal and send the recommendation to the Planning Board and City Commission for ratification. As the oldest surviving man-made structure in Miami Beach, the waterway is a historic resource that tells the story of the early pioneers who built the city.

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