Art Deco Neighborhood Association Launches in Miami Beach

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There is a new community group aiming to restore the balance among residents, businesses, and the overall community in the Art Deco District.

The Art Deco Neighborhood Association (ADNA) was recently created by a group of residents concerned about a lack of representation for those living in the historic district.

“Working for years advocating for a better Miami Beach as individuals, we decided to formalize our efforts as a group to help raise awareness of our concerns and have those concerns heard,” says Irene Bigger, the group’s president.

Bigger is a former C.P.A. from New York who moved to Miami Beach in 2019 after falling in love with the Historic Art Deco District.

Jane Krupp, the group’s vice president, moved to South Beach during the pandemic and formerly worked for her own architectural design firm in New York City.  

“It dawned on us that we needed a neighborhood association as a transformative vehicle,” says Krupp.

ADNA board members Kevin Green, Irene Bigger, and Jane Krupp.

“Starting this neighborhood association was the right thing to do. Whatever expertise I can contribute in architecture, that’s what I want to do,” she adds.

Krupp says the group wants to help the district adapt to life post-COVID, as more and more people are coming not just to visit, but to stay permanently.

Aside from Bigger and Krupp, the group also has a secretary, Kevin Green, who moved to the city in 2018 after visiting South Beach for the first time in the late 90s.

The group’s primary purpose is to advocate for the quality of life of the district and its residents to support the overall needs of the community. 

The association aims to partner with local businesses and city leaders to help establish policies and ordinances supporting the beautification of the community, foster a balanced economy, and enhance the quality of life and safety of its residents.

“It starts with cleaner, safer streets and working with the police, taking pride in our buildings and working with parks and rec to beautify our green spaces and promote more residential development,” says Bigger. 

“We want a positive and diverse economy that will continue to grow and we want a safe community that we all can enjoy,” she adds.

ADNA logo
ADNA logo

They also advocate for the preservation and protection of the district’s many green spaces and historic buildings.

They support the pedestrianization of Ocean Drive and the repurposing of Art Deco structures in the district.

The ADNA embraces what makes their neighborhood unique, emphasizing its colorful architecture, as well as its accessibility and walkability.

“Miami Beach is the only city in the world that has a modernist architecture district, that’s what makes us incredibly unique,” says Krupp. 

“We are living in a picture postcard,” she adds. “This area is so non-car friendly that you can walk and bike everywhere. It is a vibrant, urban place.”

“I love this city so much, and when you love something so much you want to protect it,” says Bigger. “I got involved for that reason, to help improve it in ways that will not only satisfy me as a resident but also all residents and tourists. I am proud of this city but I want to be even prouder.”

The ADNA welcomes residents to join their community and follow them online for updates. They offer free membership to residents of the Art Deco District. 

You can follow them online on Facebook and Instagram.

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