The Art Deco Museum and Welcome Center is open daily 9am – 5pm, and is located at 1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL.

Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) is proud to present Miami Beach’s Art Deco Museum. The Museum allows visitors and locals to better understand the architectural heritage and community culture of Miami Beach. MDPL designed the museum to be educational and informational while reflecting the fun and glamour of Miami Beach.

Museum General Admission $5.00
Students, Teachers, Military and Miami-Dade Residents Free with ID

Art Deco Welcome Center

The Art Deco Welcome Center is the ideal tourist information center for Miami Beach. Our friendly concierge can help you plan your Miami Beach vacation by booking hotels, tours, adventures, and more. The beautifully renovated space is full of information, brochures, and event guides. If you want to know what to do in Miami Beach and surroundings, you must stop by the Art Deco Welcome Center.

Museum Permanent Exhibits

A visit to the museum will teach about the three major historic design styles in Miami Beach. These styles are Mediterranean Revival, Art Deco, and Miami Modern (MiMo). Scale models of select buildings allow you to have a closer look at the elements of these structures. You will also learn about the development of the City Miami Beach. The Miami Beach Visual Memoirs project has recorded the personal stories of people who have been a part of Miami Beach’s story. MDPL’s history is also on display so that guests can learn more about preservation. The museum includes a resource center, rotating exhibits, and more!

Museum Special Exhibit through January 2022:

Morris Lapidus: I Did it My Way

Want to become a Featured Local Artist and exhibit in our Art Deco Museum? 

Other Programs

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I am a resident of Miami and decided to visit a local museum. The Art Deco Museum taught me a lot about MB architecture and history, they also have temporary exhibits with local art which I thought was a nice touch! Definitely recommend!!
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