Preservation Week 2023 Will Offer Talks, Webinars, and more

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Preservation Week 2023

The American Library Association and the University of Miami Libraries are celebrating Preservation Week 2023 from April 30th through May 6th.

Preservation Week is a national celebration that inspires dialogue on best caring for and preserving books, photographs, and other treasured possessions for current and future generations. It is managed by Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures (a division of the American Library Association (ALA)).

Physical and digital libraries and archives store and preserve the memories and treasures that make up our community and cultural identities. This weeklong event raises awareness of the roles of libraries and other cultural institutions and educates the community on how to preserve their own collections and artifacts.

This year’s theme is Building Resilient Communities.

Libraries across the U.S. are holding events to discuss what we can do together to care for our personal collections and support preservation efforts in libraries, museums, historical societies, cultural institutions, and more.

Want to join in? The Library of Congress Preservation Directorate is hosting a series of webinars for this year’s Preservation Week.

Four webinars will take place from April 24 to April 27. Topics include: Mapping collections with scientific imaging, assessing collections, web archiving, and an intro to the Library’s conservation internship.

Over at the University of Miami Libraries, MDPL Executive Director Daniel Ciraldo will lead a talk on preserving Art Deco and historic architecture in Miami on May 5th.

Don’t miss out! Celebrate Preservation Week 2023 locally and RSVP with this link.

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