Deauville Hotel Timeline

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MDPL has developed a timeline starting with the first residential tower approval in 2003 (unbuilt). We plan to update this timeline – you can bookmark this page to stay in the loop.

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Dec 9 2003
21 Story Residential Tower Approved

Historic Preservation Board approves certificate of appropriateness for the partial demolition, reconstruction, alteration, renovation, and rehabilitation of an existing hotel complex, as well as the construction of a new 21 story residential structure. This approval includes the demolition of the Napoleon ballroom, where the Ed Sullivan performance took place

Mar 12 2013HPB 1844
Deauville Modifications Approved
Deauville Approved

Applicant requests modifications to the 2003 approval, in order to convert the proposed 21-story residential building into a 21-story hotel. The application also proposes retention/reconstruction of the original historic Napoleon Ballroom, which had previously been approved for total demolition to accommodate additional parking

May 5 2016
Owners Apply for Modifications

Owners apply for a modification to the plans that were already approved at the HPB in March 2013. Attached is a rendering of the prior approved plans, which includes the substantial rehabilitation of the Deauville and a change in use for the new tower, from residential to hotel. This application did not move forward to a hearing.

Apr 28 2017
Recertification Report Due

40-year recertification report was due but was not filed

Jul 25 2017
Fire Closes Hotel

Fire from unpermitted work in Deauville's electrical room closes hotel

Jul 25 2017
Deauville receives "Unsafe Structure" Violation

Deauville receives "Unsafe Structure" violation. The violation provides 15 days to... resolve the issues caused by the fire and to obtain necessary permits for repairs

Aug 9 2017
Deauville Does Not Comply With 15 Day Timeline

Deauville does not comply with the 15 day timeline with the violation

Sept 2017
Hurricane Irma
Oct 13 2017
Owners Apply for Permit

Owners apply for permit to replace damaged items

Apr 2 2018
Permit Issued
July 6 2018
Permit is finalized

Permit is finalized without re-powering the building

Sept 19 2018
City Determines That Deauville Has Fallen Into Disrepair

The City of Miami Beach Planning Director and the City's Building Official determine the Property has fallen into a state of disrepair that jeopardizes the structural and architectural integrity of the Property 

On or about Oct 8 2018
Inspection Held at the Property

The City and Deauville hold an inspection at the Property pursuant to the Notice of Intent to Inspect. 

At the October 8, 2018 inspection, the City confirms that the Property does not
meet the required maintenance standards set forth in§ l l 8-532(g) of the City Code. The inspection photos are attached hereto as Composite Exhibit "D". 31. On October 11, 2018, the City notifies Deauville that the inspection confirmed that the Property did meet the minimum required maintenance standards set forth in § 118-532(g) of the City Code, and that the City would institute an action to avoid demolition by neglect unless the Deauville undertook meaningful action to place the Property in compliance with the established maintenance standard.

Dec 12 2018
County Upholds City Recommendation and Enters Ruling

At its meeting on December 12, 2018 regarding the Unsafe Structures Case, the Miami-Dade County Unsafe Structures Board upholds the recommendation of the City's Building Official and enters the following ruling:

a) The structure(s) are to be maintained secure, clean and sanitary, free of debris, overgrown grass or weeds and free of discoloration or graffiti.
b) A temporary electrical power permit must be applied for within thirty (30) days of the date of the ruling. …The building permit(s) to repair windows and for concrete spalding must be applied for within sixty (60) days after obtaining the temporary electrical permit…
c) A 40-Year Recertification Report shall be submitted within one hundred twenty (120) days from obtaining the temporary electrical permit….

Feb 27 2020
Beach Walk is Closed and Later Reopened

A structural failure of the rear east facade results in the beach walk being closed on February 27, 2020 and reopened on March 27, 2020 after 120 feet of pedestrian scaffolding were installed

July 2020
MDPL Launches Petition to Save Deauville

MDPL launches petition to "Save the Deauville". As of June 6th, 2022, there have been 28,505 petition views, 1,474 petition signers, and 275 petition shares 

Nov 18 2020
Resolution is Passed by City

Commissioner Steve Meiner offers a resolution to pursue civil penalties against the Deauville. The resolution does not receive a second. City Attorney offers a resolution "to investigate and pursue any and all additional available enforcements and legal remedies..." Passes 6-1

March 1 2021
City Begins to Issue Enhanced Fines

City begins to issue $5,000 a day fines

July 2021
MDPL Petition Reaches 1,000 Signatures
December 15, 2021
Deauville Provides Structural Condition Assessment Report

Structural Condition Assessment Report issued by Deauville engineer Heather Anesta is provided to the city

Jan 7 2022
Demolition Order to be Issued

In a late Friday afternoon Letter to Commission, City Manager Alina Hudak discloses the City received the Structural Assessment Report by Deauville engineer Heather Anesta on December 15, 2021. With a "heavy heart" the City Manager reveals that the Building Official will issue a demolition order upon verification of the "accuracy of the report"

Jan 14 2022
Field Visit Conducted to Evaluate Deauville Conditions

Miami Beach building official and staff conduct a field visit to evaluate conditions with a structural engineer that authored a report on the owners' behalf.

Jan 20 2022
Miami Beach Commission Discusses Deauville

Miami Beach Commission meeting discussion on Deauville. The city directs the administration to ask the court to provide access to the building in order to have a truly independent structural assessment

Link to video:

Feb 9 2022
MDPL Files Motion to Intervene

MDPL files motion to intervene in City of Miami Beach vs Deauville

Feb 24 2022
MDPL Files Appeal

MDPL files appeal with the Miami-Dade County Board of Rules and Appeals

Mar 4 2020
Motion to Have Third-Party Assessment of Deauville Denied

First in-person meeting occurs since COVID shutdown for City of Miami Beach vs Deauville Associates. Judge Hanzman denies the city's motion to have a third-party structural engineer assess the property. Compares the Deauville to Champlain and threatens to hold the Mayor and Commission in contempt if they try to stop the demolition process.

Apr 21 2022
MDPL Appeal Deferred due to lack of quorum

Miami-Dade County Board of Rules and Appeals defers MDPL's appeal due to lack of quorum

May 19 2022
County Board Upholds Miami Beach Demolition Order

Miami-Dade County Board of Rules and Appeals hears MDPL appeal of the Deauville Demolition. The Board upholds the demolition order and permit issues by the Miami Beach Building Official.

May 23 2022
Mayor Dan Gelber shares news of Deauville potential sale in email to residents

In an email to City Residents, Mayor Dan Gelber announces that Related Companies and Dolphin's owner, Steve Ross, intends to purchase the Deauville. In the same email, the Mayor also suggests that the Deauville is going to be demolished given the court proceedings and that he is going to ask the Commission to place an item on the ballot in November to give additional development flexibility to the new owner

May 23 2022
MDPL Issues Statement Calling for Meeting to Discuss Preservation Alternatives

MDPL issues its statement to Deauville Hotel Stakeholders , calling for an immediate meeting to discuss preservation alternatives for the site as well as asking for immediate shoring of the structure while it undergoes asbestos remediation. Click here to read the statement.

Jun 21 2022
Planning Board reviews Overlay Proposal
Jul 7 2022
Land Use Committee Reviews Proposal

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