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Barbara Baer Capitman’s 101st Birthday

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On April 9th, 2021, we celebrate the 101st year anniversary of the birthday of MDPL’s founder, Barbara Baer Capitman. We will be forever be in debt for her dedication, fierce determination and innovation for saving Miami Beach’s Art Deco District. Without her passion, 800 buildings may not have been recognized on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, as the nation’s first urban 20th century Historic District. Also president of the Art Deco Society of America, she helped form chapters in several cities, including New York, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In addition, she was the author of the 1988 iconic book, ”Deco Delights”. She was also a loving wife and devoted mother to her two sons, Andrew and John. Shown are five photographs from MDPL’s Barbara Baer Capitman archives.

Barbara with Leonard Horowitz to her right, at an MDPL party with other supporters.
Barbara celebrating her victory in 1979 for the Art Deco District being recognized on the National Register of Historic Places
Barbara in 1988 being escorted by police off the porch of the Senator Hotel the day of demolition.
Barbara with her son Andrew in front of the Cardozo Hotel
Barbara next to her bust that is now displayed as a memorial in Lummus Park.

What would Miami Beach be like without Historic Art Deco, Mediterranean, and MiMo buildings?

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