Protestors Chained to Senator Hotel

Miami News editorial photograph by A.G. Montanari with the caption “Protesters chained to Senator Hotel”. Description says “The waiting game at Miami Beach’s Senator Hotel continued today, as Ray Halm, left and Bill Robedee chained themselves to the front door of the building to protest the imminent razing of the art deco landmark at 13th […]

Is the Senator Worth Saving?

Handmade sign, marker on foam core with the inscription: “Is The Senator Worth Saving? sit down & think about it”. Originally displayed on the porch of the Senator Hotel on the Northeast corner of 12th Street and Collins Avenue. It was removed by Dennis Wilhelm just prior to the demolition of the hotel on October 12th, 1988.  MDPL’s efforts delayed […]

Last Call to Save The Senator!

1988 Flyer “LAST CALL TO SAVE THE SENATOR!” at Miami Beach City Hall on Convention Center Drive on June 1st. BE THERE TO WITNESS THE FINAL MEETING….Join us at our monthly Happy Hour at the Strand Restaurant (671 Washington Ave.) following the Commission Meeting. Picture of Barbara Baer Capitman being escorted by police off the […]