“Elevate Española” Spring installation is Inspired by Endangered Species

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Rendering of “Heliotropic Seekers”

The Spring 2024 Elevate Española art installation is launching soon on historic Española Way. The latest newly commissioned work is by Brazilian artist Beatriz Chachamovits. The artist will be collaborating with students from Miami Beach Senior High on the piece. From the City’s press release:

Heliotropic Seekers will feature five brightly colored hanging plexiglass cutouts of various endangered species of fish and coral native to South Florida shores including grouper, angel, grunt, blue tang, and parrot fish, joined by coral species such as elkhorn, pillar, staghorn, star, starlet, and brain coral.

By engaging with the natural world, viewers will be prompted to consider how their behavior may affect coral reefs and inspire action to care for the world’s oceans.”

Heliotropic Seekers is the fourth installment of Elevate Española as a dedicated art installation and the fifth to be presented on historic Española Way.”

The public unveiling will take place Wednesday, March 6th at 5:30 pm on Española Way between Washington and Collins Avenue.

About the Artist

Beatriz Chachamovits is an environmental artist and educator from Sao Paulo, Brazil living and working in Miami, Florida. Her work renders tangible the decline of the coral reef ecosystems, and the role played by humans in it. Her intention is to share the majestic beauty of at-risk marine ecologies as well as the appalling rate of their destruction. Selected solo shows includes “White Sea” at Galeria Tato in Sao Paulo, Brazil (2017), “Into the Great Dying: Waters We Share” at Faena Art Project Room (2022) “Our Changing Seas” at the Frost Science Museum (2022). Selected group shows include: National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, “Coral Expedition: 1865 – 2018 (2018) The Phillip and Patricia Frost Science Museum “Transitional Nature” (2020), and the Art and Cultural Center of Hollywood “C[h]oral Stories and Collective Actions” (2022).

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