Save My Little Havana Exhibit Photographs on Sale through January 15th.

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Save My Little Havana by writer and photographer Steve Wright, tells the story of his neighborhood’s many historic residential and commercial buildings. The exhibition is part of MDPL’s Featured Local Artist Program.

For the project, Wright was inspired by the rehabilitation of his own home in Little Havana. He owns a 1920s Spanish, mission-style home in the Shenandoah district of Little Havana.

“When it was time to find a house and put down roots here, I settled for Little Havana because it has great architecture and great culture.”

With this series of photographs, Wright aims to capture Little Havana’s hidden historic gems, saying “There are several Art Deco buildings in Little Havana that are on par with the Art Deco district in Miami Beach.”

Wright’s photograph titled Batidos-Jugos (above) captures an iconic neon sign, displaying the love Miamians have for their natural juices and Cuban coffee. He also photographs an Art Deco mansion, Julie’s Grocery store, and other unique historic buildings including the Woodward Apartments and an Art Deco service station.

“You cannot stop progress, but you can protect history and authenticity,” states Wright. “This exhibit is in Miami Beach, which has done a world-renowned exemplary job of balancing growth with protecting its famous, incomparable Art Deco District.”

Photographs are available for purchase at the Art Deco gift shop. They make wonderful gifts for Miami natives as well as travelers who wish to take a little piece of paradise away with them. Smaller prints are also available at the shop, with prices ranging from $20-$40.

Half of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the MDPL to support our mission to preserve, protect, and promote. Below are some of the photographs on view with pricing information:

“The Eileen Apartments, 1938”

Canvas Gallery Wrap 30×20 $400 / 16×20 $360 / 16×24 $350 / 12×18 $200

Glass Frame 10×20 $125

“Keyhole Apartments, 1940”

Glass Frame 20×16 $180

“Pueblo Deco Apartments, 1948”

Canvas Gallery Wrap 30×20 $360 / 12×12 $140 / 8×10 $100

“Art Deco Service Station”

Glass Frame 12×8 $60

“Woodward Apartments 1925”

Glass Frame 20×16 $225 12×8 $60

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