MDPL Holds “Save Miami Beach Rally” in Opposition to SB1346 / HB1317

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Miami Beach rally

On Tuesday, May 2nd, Miami Beach residents and preservationists gathered at the Barbara Baer Capitman Memorial on Ocean Drive and 13th St to protest Florida Senate bill 1346 and House bill 1317. 

The legislation threatens historic buildings and neighborhoods across the state, including coastal communities in St. Augustine, Key West, and Miami Beach’s Historic Art Deco District.

The event received media attention and drew a crowd that sent a clear message:

“Hands off our history!” said MDPL executive director Daniel Ciraldo.

“We only have a few days left of the legislative session,” he adds. “We are trying to stop this bill before it gets signed into law.” The session is scheduled to conclude on Friday, May 5th.

Miami Beach Commissioner Alex Fernandez joined residents in opposition to the two bills. Protesters gathered and chanted “Protect our historic districts,” “Kill the bill,” and “Save our heritage!”

“We are a community, our voice matters, and our history matters,” said Fernandez. “Hands off Miami Beach, Tallahassee. Stick to your district!”

An online petition to save Florida’s historic coastal communities has collected nearly 4,000 signatures and continues drawing attention. 

Below are photos from the demonstration:

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