A Visual Code exhibition debuts in Celebration of Architectural Month

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A Visual Code

The Copperbridge Foundation has debuted its latest exhibition on Art Deco and Modernism in North Miami.

Curated by Elvia Castro, A Visual Code commemorates April as Architectural Month, spotlighting 21 artists from around the world. Each artist represents their view of modernism and architecture across a variety of mediums, including paintings, collages, photographs, videos, and more.

This exhibition is a continuation of the foundation’s Nomi Art Series. The Copperbridge Foundation and the North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency have collaborated to present the installation.

Some of the local artists featured include Eric Alfaro, Alejandro Taquechel, Ana Andras, and Meme Ferré (full list below). Each one showcases their unique view of the Art Deco and Modernism movements. Some artists paid homage to them, while others used them as a symbol of alienation and social differences.

“In one way or another, we all are familiar with Art Deco and Modernism as aesthetic styles,” says Castro. “Whether in the shape of architecture, interior design, fashion, filming, industrial design, and visual or graphic arts, we are wrapped by its patterns.”

An opening reception for the exhibition was held on April 4th at 5 pm at the Scott Galvin Community Center (1600 NE 126 St) in North Miami. The exhibit will run through April 30th. This event coincides with the upcoming 16th World Congress on Art Deco.

The exhibit and events are supported by: Miami Design Preservation League, International Coalition of Art Deco Societies, Miami’s American Institute of Architecture, and Miami Center for Architecture and Design.

Exhibiting artists include: Eric Alfaro (IG @ericalfaroart) / Alejandro Taquechel (IG @alejandro_taquechel) / Ana Andras (IG @anaandrassketcher) / Alexandre Arrechea (IG @alexandrearrechea) / Daniel Rodríguez Collazo (IG @dcollazo24687) / Meme Ferré (IG @memearte) / Fernando Enfori García /  Oscar Glottman (IG @oscar_glottman) / Luis Gómez Iván Luis Malesani – Argentina /  Jessie Matrullo (IG @BohemianRoyalty) / Ali Miranda (IG @alifotoart) / Noel Morera (IG  @noel.morera.5) / Rocío Morejón (IG @massa_girls) / Danay Nápoles (IG @danay_napoles) /  Alexander Pérez Balseiro René Rodríguez (IG estudio_renerodriguez) / Noel Suárez (IG @noelsuarezartist_miami) / Rubén Torres-Llorca (IG @rubentorresllorca) / Ramón Williams /  Jose Gelabert-Navia (IG @gelabert_navia) / Deborah Desilets (Author of: Morris Lapidus: An  Architecture of Joy. Morris Lapidus exhibit and student works).

Below are some moments from the opening reception on April 4th:

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