Miami Beach Declares April 9th “Historic Preservation Resiliency Workshop Day”

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(Left to Right): MDPL Board Member Jack Finglass, Miami Beach Commissioner Mark Samuelian, MDPL Board Chair Jack D Johnson, MDPL Executive Director Daniel Ciraldo, MDPL Board Member Sarah Leddick

MDPL was honored to receive the following proclamation at its Annual Historic Preservation Resiliency Workshop over the weekend.



WHEREAS, Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) is a not-for-profit preservation and arts organization founded in 1976 which preserves, protects, and promotes the architectural, cultural, social, and environmental integrity of Miami Beach and the surrounding areas and;

WHEREAS, MDPL launched its Center for Resiliency and Sustainability (CRS) in 2017 with a mission to target education, advocacy, and research between future goals of resiliency and sustainability solutions and historic resources and;

WHEREAS, Miami Beach’s hotels which generate close to $100MM in annual resort tax revenues for the city are mostly located within historic districts and;

WHEREAS, MDPL’s CRS believes that historic preservation is a critical contributor to stated goals of long-term sustainability and social, economic, and environmental resiliency and;

WHEREAS, Miami Beach’s historic districts bring in approximately 45% in property revenues based on a research study by Laura Weinstein-Berman, and;

WHEREAS, Miami Beach’s land mass is comprised of approximately 30% historic districts and;

WHEREAS, MDPL’s CRS has held several workshops since 2017 focused on these efforts and;

WHEREAS, MDPL’s workshops helped move forward initiatives including what would become the Buoyant Cities design guidelines for historic buildings and promotion FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Program as it relates to proactive preparedness for disasters and sea level rise and;

WHEREAS, MDPL CRS’s efforts will no doubt continue to focus on preserving this important part of our city’s economic, cultural, and social engine

NOW THEREFORE, DO WE, as Mayor and Commissioners of the City of Miami Beach, hereby proclaim April 9th 2022 as

MDPL CRS Historic Preservation Resiliency Workshop Program Day

in the City of Miami Beach


Mayor Dan Gelber

Comissioner Mark Samuelian

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