Our positions at the April 13th 2021 Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board

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MDPL’s Advocacy Committee has reviewed the following applications and offers our below positions. Please note, the lack of a position on a project does not indicate support or opposition to that project.

Editors Note: Items with blue highlight were shared previously, while items with yellow highlight are new/updated positions.

Full HPB Board Agenda link, including public participation information: click here.

New Applications

3. HPB20-0443, 1801 Collins Avenue, Shelbourne Hotel

An application has been filed requesting a Certificate of Appropriateness for the partial demolition, renovation and restoration including interior and exterior design modifications, the introduction of a rooftop retractable canopy system at the mezzanine level, modifications to the rear yard site plan and variances from the required setbacks and from the open space required within the rear yard.

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MDPL Advocacy Position 4/13/21

MDPL advocacy committee met with the applicants to review the proposal. We are supportive of the project, assuming the applicant is able to negotiate with Staff any differences of understanding remaining in the final order. We appreciate the applicant referring to the national standards in their proposal, and we hope to see more of this in project proposals before the board.

4. HPB20-0447, 4101 Collins Avenue

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An application has been filed requesting variances from the Dune Preservation Overlay District requirements.

MDPL Advocacy Position 4/13/21

We support the Staff Recommendations and urge the board to deny the application.

Discussion Items

5. Process for the survey of single-family properties within the City

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MDPL Advocacy Position 3/8/21

We reiterate our long-standing position that single-family homes within Miami Beach continue to be at risk of demolition. The alarming spike in recent demolition requests, related to a flight of capital from north to south, is once again putting our built heritage at risk of speculator-driven demolition.

MDPL continues to support the adoption of the Coral Gables demolition review process, for buildings located outside of historic districts that are more than 50 years old. In addition, we believe a demolition fee per square foot should be explored. Such fee could be put into an account at the city that may be used for surveying of historic properties and ongoing preservation efforts. 

The Historic Preservation Board should continue to focus on this issue, starting with a surveying effort of architecturally significant waterfront homes. MDPL is committed to helping with the survey process and all future steps.

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