New Renderings of the Raleigh Master Plan Proposal

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Upcoming Hearing: September 8th 2020 9am, Historic Preservation Board (via Zoom). Hearing information and the full meeting agenda can be found at the following link: click here.

The project is an assemblage of three L Murray Dixon Hotels that happen to be next door to each other: the Raleigh, Richmond, and South Seas. The Raleigh Hotel, which was originally proposed to be converted to private condominiums, will be restored and reopened as a hotel. A new residential tower of 18 stories and 200 feet is proposed to be built behind the Richmond and South Seas hotels.

The Raleigh Hotel has been closed since hurricane Irma in August 2017. For a long time, the hotel was left exposed to the elements due to a stalled renovation from its prior owner. The new owner has covered window openings of the historic property as requested by MDPL and the City’s Historic Preservation Board.

The proposal returns the original L Murray Dixon front facades to the South Seas and Richmond Hotels, which had prior modifications removing the original Dixon designs. In addition, the Raleigh Hotel and its world famous pool will be restored. The Raleigh will have its own roofline restored to the original design, removing incompatible additions from the past.

The below images are from the applicant’s submission for the upcoming Historic Preservation Board review on September 8th. If you’d like to review all project-related documents on the City of Miami Beach website, click here.

Applicant Presentation for September 8th 2020 Historic Preservation Board Hearing

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