Our Drive, Ocean Drive 2020

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The City of Miami Beach, MDPL, and various stakeholders are undertaking a renewed effort to help re-elevate the Art Deco District with a focus on revitalization, arts, and culture – elements which helped spark its early renaissance in the 1980s and 1990s.

Below, we share master plan documents from the MDPL archives. The last major effort in community master planning was known as Our Drive, Ocean Drive, and took place during the 1980s. A series of plans in different iterations can be reviewed below.

In studying these visionary plans, stakeholders may now look with fresh eyes and the benefit of time to see which ideas were fruitful and where there may be additional opportunities for improvement. Collectively, we can envision a brighter future and build upon the continued stewardship of proud historic district stakeholders.

Plan #1: The Anderson-Notter-Finegold plan was completed in January, 1981

Plan #2: Miami Beach Art Deco District: Time Future, June 1982

Plan #3: Ocean Drive Planning & Urban Design Strategy, October 1984

On Feb 6th 1985, the Ocean Drive Planning & Urban Design Strategy was adopted by the City Commission.

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