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Postcards from WWII

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To honor the boys who served and were stationed in Miami Beach during WWII, we searched our archive collection for postcards from that era that were sent by the soldiers themselves.

Here are a few examples we found…..two postcards from the same son to his mother, one in August 1943 saying, “Dear Mom, Having a swell time and wish you were here. We work hard but then we have a job to do! Was in swimming today. Some salt!! Write soon! Love Bill”. The second one dated two months later in October says; “Dear Mom, Note change in address. Really been busy lately. Will write a letter tomorrow. Received pictures. Hope you are feeling good. As Ever, Love Bill”

Postcard from Private Bill in Miami Beach to his mother back home in Erie, PA dated August 8th, 1943
Second postcard from Private Bill to his mother back home in Erie, PA dated October 22, 1943

Another postcard from one private to another postmarked February 1944 said; “Dear Scotty, I suppose you fellas are across by now. The last time I heard from you was in Dec. Let me know where you are if you can. I wrote you four weeks ago. Maybe you have received my letter and maybe you haven’t. Boy it’s too bad you fellas didn’t come to Fla. It really is swell down here. We are out of quarantine now and boy the girls are swell. I have also been taking in the sights. I saw the dog races last night. Your pal, Gene”

Postcard from one private to another dated February 1944, describing how “boy the girls are swell” in Miami Beach

Another postcard dated 2/25/44 from a private to his female friend back home says, “Dear Janet, I am now down at Miami Beach, Fla. for classification. It sure is hot down here. We went swimming in the ocean yesterday and got a good sun burn. How is everything up your way? Guess I’ll close now because I have a 8 hr exam tomorrow. Sincerely, Wallace”

Postcard from Private Wallace to a girl back home. Where they sweethearts?

Lastly, a postcard from a mother to her friend towards the end of the war, dated April 1945 laments, “…no dear there is nothing any one can do I guess but pray that this will soon stop before all the boys are killed. The papers are full of how they are doing our boys. makes one want to go to camp and get her boy and keep him and never let him be shipped away to be murdered like some of the pictures show that they are. So PRAY PRAY for Neal. Ruth.”

Moving postcard from a worried mother to her friend asking her to “PRAY PRAY for Neal”

Postcards written during the WWII era

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