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1983 Art Deco Weekend Poster

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…depicting nude on blue background with palm leaves. Created by Woody Vondracek who stated, “A last minute decision by the Miami Beach Junior Chamber of Commerce killed this design as the official image of the event. I saw it as symbolizing a proud emergence of the District. All they saw was a naked woman.”

Subsequently, the cover of the brochure was changed to a photograph of the band playing in front of the Leslie Hotel from the 1982 Art Deco Weekend. 
During the 1970’s- 80’s….”Woody Vondracek graphics have become  synonymous with preservation graphics—-particularly his Art Deco works. His precision and competence stem from his industrial background working on automobile and airplane mechanics development” **Quoted from the Barbara Baer Capitman archives. 

Image of original 1983 poster was scanned from Woody Vondracek’s website Also shown are MDPL’s archival photos of the 1983 Art Deco Weekend brochure including schedule of events.

1983 Art Deco Weekend Brochure. This cover replaced Vondracek’s original 1983 poster of a naked woman.
Schedule of Events for 1983 Art Deco Weekend

Schedule of Events for 1983 Art Deco Weekend

Original poster for 1983 Art Deco Weekend by Woody Vondracek

What would Miami Beach be like without Historic Art Deco, Mediterranean, and MiMo buildings?

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