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Curry’s Restaurant

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Curry’s Restaurant located at 7433 Collins Avenue was a North Beach favorite among many locals far and wide. It was built in 1937 as an Epicure Restaurant (yes, the same Epicure that was previously on Alton Road) and didn’t have the Polynesian theme yet.  It became Curry’s around 1941 but was not remodeled until after WWII.  In 1949, architect Wahl Snyder added the fin sign and the front portico, but retained the original glass block panel on the front. After the war, the interior was decorated in a tropical Polynesian theme and was air conditioned in the 1950’s. Famous for food at reasonable prices, in the 50’s less than $2 would get you a three course meal with a choice of leg of lamb, roast sirloin, veal cutlet, shrimp, seafood platter or even fresh caught Florida lobster. **See actual menu below. By the 1990’s, prices were still reasonable and $9.95 bought a diner a three course steak meal cooked to their preference. Curry’s Restaurant closed down in the early 2000’s. To this day, the space is still vacant. Do you have any fond memories of dining here?

Shown is the front and back of a 1955 postcard of Curry’s Restaurant and their menu. Also shown is a 1998 color photograph of Herb Sosa (MDPL Executive Director at the time), volunteer Sheldon Brown and other MDPL members meeting in front of Curry’s Restaurant. Photo of postcard and matchbook of Curry’s courtesy of Photo of Epicure postcard courtesy of Carolyn Klepser.

Back of postcard for Curry’s Restaurant postmarked 1955
1950’s menu for Curry’s Restaurant
1998 Color photograph of MDPL Executive Director Herb Sosa, volunteer Sheldon Brown and other MDPL members meeting in front of Curry’s Restaurant
Photo of postcard for Curry’s Restaurant courtesy of
Photo of matchbook for Curry’s Of Miami Beach courtesy of
Postcard of original Epicure’s 7433 Collins Avenue circa 1937
1955 vintage postcard of Curry's Restaurant

What would Miami Beach be like without Historic Art Deco, Mediterranean, and MiMo buildings?

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