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El Chico Club Demolished

El Chico’s swank nightclub was located at 22nd St and Park Avenue in the new Art Deco Architectural District. In 1982…”the leaders of the MDPL stood helplessly watching a Big Cat bulldozer relentlessly climb a mountain of rubble to tear apart the 1940’s banquets, bars and the noted murals by deco artist Paul Silverthorn…Barbara Capitman, MDPL Director, Bill Bucolo, publisher of Portfolio and Leonard Horowitz, designer said they were tipped off on the demolition after it had already started…and it must be the last…they condemned the City, which only last week reviewed the first draft of a comprehensive plan that pledged to protect the new District…” **

Shown is an MDPL archival 1930’s matchbook, “Original PENNY 1¢ COCKTAIL HOUR 5 to 6; JOIN OUR HANG-OVER CLINIC 10 A.M. TILL BETTER” and El Chico’s vintage postcard from FIU Paul Silverthorne Archive.  

** Quoted from the Barbara Baer Capitman’s Archive.

Inside of 1940’s vintage matchbook for El Chico’s nightclub

El Chico’s vintage postcard from FIU Paul Silverthorne Archive
1940's Vintage matchbook cover for El Chico Nightclub

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